St. James United Church Mission Statement 

(revised October 2013)


The community of St. James United Church, is a dynamic downtown congregation that engages the spiritual needs of diverse groups of people; confirms and nurtures people from different cultures, races, genders, sexual orientations, linguistic backgrounds, ages, and those who are challenged with different abilities as we come together to live our faith in Jesus Christ; welcomes all of God's people.


The community of St. James United Church, being people of God who seek to follow in the steps of Jesus, offers a worship experience that: uses traditional and contemporary liturgy to connect our Christian story of faith; offers reflection on the Gospel of Christ that enables deepening of faith and a greater understanding of the meaning of life; offers prayers that respond to the concerns of our people, our city and our world; offer a vibrant music program that is inspirational and participatory; provides welcome, membership, and nurture through the holy sacraments of baptism and communion.

Christian Education

The community of St. James United Church, is growing spiritually with our brothers and sisters and community through a variety of opportunities to explore and engage faith as individuals and as a congregation; small group ministry, programs, and activities that meet the needs and concerns of the congregation and the wider community.


The community of St. James United Church, challenges itself to act as Disciples of Christ responding with love and a concern for justice to the community around us and to the wider world. We attempt to live out our faith with others through opening our doors to our city and welcoming all with open hearts and minds; encouraging empowerment and mutuality in our outreach ministry; joining with interfaith, ecumenical and community partners to live with justice in the world.


The community of St. James United Church is confidently embracing the future. Grounded in a rich congregational history we seek constantly to renew our mission as an active member of Montreal's life by offering a place for spiritual, social, and cultural creativity and growth and by upholding the value of individual and community stewardship where all are contributing as they are able of their time, talent, and financial resources. With the awareness of the gift St. James United is to its congregation and the community, our heartfelt desire is to ensure that St. James United will thrive into the future as a vital Christian community in God's world.